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Q. What are the different Frame brands you sell on the Titan Eyeplus site?
A. We offer the entire range of Titan house brands to start with. We will pretty soon add international brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ray Ban. Keep watching out and we will keep you posted.

Q. What if I am not comfortable after wearing the spectacles?
A. We take utmost care in providing you the best eyewear, however if you face any headache/ dizziness after wearing the spectacles, please visit a nearby Eyeplus showroom and our team would help you at no additional charge. You can also let us know your issue through mail and our team shall get back to you.

Q. Can I collect my spectacles at your retail stores?
A. Yes, you can opt for a home delivery or any of our retail stores as per your convenience. Although, we will capture your store preference offline at this point.


Q. What are the different Sunglass brands you sell on the Titan Eyeplus site?
A. We offer the entire range of Titan house brands. We will pretty soon add international brands like Oakley and Ray Ban. Keep watching out and we will keep you posted.

Q. Do you have powered sunglasses?
A. Yes, we make powered sunglasses. You can get them done for your existing Sunglasses or choose the sunglasses from the site and tell us your power at the time of order.


Q. What are the different lenses you sell on the Titan Eyeplus site?
A. We sell lenses made of varying plastic components. Our lens range starts at Rs.395(per pair) made of a plastic material called CR39. For very high prescriptions, we recommend our 20% thinner Polycarbonate lenses (PC Lens). For additional special needs, feel free to reach out to us at 1800-419-9110 or drop in a line at

Q. Do you manufacture your own lenses?
A. Yes,we do. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chikbalapur, Karnataka where we do a JIT production of different lenses. Whatever is your need, we get it done in less than 24 hours.

Q. Is there any warranty on Titan Lenses?
A. Yes, we offer 1 year warranty on Titan manufactured Lenses.

Q. Do you offer warranty on other lenses ?
A. Yes, we offer 6 months warranty on Essilor lenses(extended by Essilor)

Q. Are your lens scratch proof?
A. Our Titan lenses are scratch resistant

Q. Can I buy only lenses or frames from the site or do I have to purchase both?
A. You may choose to buy either lenses or frame.

Q. How do I choose the lens for my existing spectacle?
A. You just have to choose the frame and in the same page, you can select the lens material and coating that you wish to add. If you get stuck anyplace, our agent is always present on chat and call to help you (between 10AM and 7PM on Mon-Sat)

Q. Do you make zero power glasses?
A. Yes. We make zero powered glasses. Just choose the frame from the site and select plain glass ( zero power) option during the order.

Q. I have entered a wrong power while ordering for the lenses. What should I do?
A. Please call our representative at 1800-419-9110 within 24 hours of placing the order.

Q. How can I be sure of the quality of your spectacles?

  1. Titan Lenses are ensured for Quality as per International standard ISO 8980
  2. Titan Frames are tested for 48hours sweat test, 5000 cycles of hinge cyclic test and endurance test, 50 KGf full force for all joints
  3. A. Post QC is done for every Lens and Frame by Titan's qualified optometrist w.r.t to customer prescription and face measurements.


Q. I am a TATA/ TITAN employee and would I be getting any discount?
A. Yes, you would be eligible for your regular employee discount


Q. How do I get my specs serviced/ repaired? What are the charges for it?
A.We offer Free Servicing of your spectacles ( any brand) at all our Titan Eyeplus stores.

Q. What is the delivery timeline of my order?
A. If your prescription is a regular prescription, then we should be able to dispatch your order within 48 hours. Otherwise, we will require 3-4 days to procure the lens, fit it and send it across to you.

Q. Are the products different from the range at your Offline stores?
A. No. We have similar range in our offline stores

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